How I Got Into Photography

Welcome to my beautiful Nature Photography site.  I thought I would take this opportunity to give you some insight about who I am and why I got into photography in the first place.

Photography has always been an interest to me for as long as I can remember, but I never really pursued it as a hobby or profession.  It was when I started working in health care that I really developed an interest in Photography.  Photography was something that I could do that didn't involve thinking about work, which for me was important simply because my job was in a very high stress environment mentally and emotionally.

When I would go out with my camera on board I started noticing the small things in Nature, things that I would have normally just walked right by and not even realized or acknowledge the fact that I had just missed seeing a beautiful piece of the world.  Slowly I became addicted to photography enjoying the exercise, feedom of thought, inspirtation and touching a need within myself to be connected more with nature.

I'm 40 years old with a wonderful husband and two beautiful sons.  I grew up on Vancouver Island and just recently relocated to Elbow Saskatchewan.  I have a love for animals and we have three dogs, and two cats!!  Wow I know....I think I might have to buy a farm one day. 
I have a passion for hiking, reading, being around large bodies of water and I love to garden.  Flowers lots and lots of flowers!!!

I'm a self taught photographer having read up on all different photography tecniques and applying them into my work.  I learn something new everyday and I love that.  I've also developed a very deep rooted understanding of light...for a photographer it's a integral part of producing quality works of art.

Thank you for stopping bye to look at how I see Nature through the lens of my Camera.

Crista Cowan